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Premium photo printing service

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Background The photo album app, rckive is a platform that provides a flexible and spontaneous way for users to create photo albums. The app is designed for individuals who want a new form of print and archiving for their daily, randomly taken snaps.

Target audiens:
The target audience is individuals who want a more flexible and spontaneous way to create photo albums. The app is suitable for anyone who takes a lot of photos and wants to preserve their memories in a unique way.

  1. Choose your photos: Users can select the photos they want to include in their photo album. The app allows users to upload photos from their devices or from their social media accounts.

  2. Customizable layouts: The app offers a range of customizable layouts for users to choose from. Users can select the layout that best suits their photos and preferences.

  3. Personalized text: Users can add personalized text to their photo album. The app allows users to choose from a range of fonts and styles to create a unique and personalized look.

  4. Easy ordering: Once users have designed their photo album, they can easily order it through the app. The company prints the album and puts it in a box, which is then shipped to the user.

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