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We’re a UX - UI design agency 

Building solutions that work

CEO & Art

Sharon Haimoff

I look forward to becoming the first Art Director in space; until that happens, I manage my studio "KOALATY" with 12 years of experience creating usable and intuitive designs. Design is a part of who I am, and I'm bringing with me a big passion to that world. My attention to detail and UX expertise make me an attentive and precise UI designer. My creative abilities and excellent communication skills, together with an entrepreneurial mindset and aspiration for perfection, push me to transform ideas into live concepts.

I am experienced with branding, UX\UI, Graphic Design, Web Design, Product Design, Responsive Design, creating pitch decks, investor's decks, one-pagers, landing pages, social media materials, as well as publications, including newspapers and industrial signage, creating photoshoot storyboards.

KOALATY STUDIO is an innovative UX-UI Design Studio known for its out-of-the-box thinking that helps businesses succeed.
It starts with your branding and defines you, then continues with your visual language, website, presentations, and marketing.

UX-UI is how your client interacts with you. and we are here to make your product happen​.
with over 10 years of experience creating highly usable and intuitive designs for the B2B - B2C, Startups markets.
Our attention to detail and UX design expertise is what makes us one of the top UI design studios. We believe that Quality is overcoming Quantity, each design had its own process, and own unique way to interact with the users.
We transform Your brand into a spectacular visual digital product with a focus on the story and creativity.

If you have an idea in mind and would like us to help you bring it to life, please get in touch.

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