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Bring your digital memories to life with RCKIVE, the premium photo printing app designed for the modern generation.
Capture every moment. We understand you live life on the go, snapping photos of all your adventures. RCKIVE makes it easy and fun to select the pictures you love and effortlessly submit them for printing.

Forget the hassle of traditional photo albums. RCKIVE offers a unique alternative. It's like a physical photo dump, but curated by you! Design a beautiful, custom label for your premium RCKIVE box, then sit back and relax as your cherished memories are transformed into high-quality printed photos.

Effortless Photo Selection: Intuitive app makes choosing your favorite photos a breeze.
Customizable Boxes: Design RCKIVE box with a personalized label to match your style and memories.
Premium Quality: High-quality photo paper to ensure your pictures look stunning for years to come.
Unique Keepsake: RCKIVE boxes are stackable and collectable, creating a beautiful display of your life's moments.


I designed this app with the user experience in mind, creating high-fidelity screens based on client guidelines. This included developing a comprehensive design system and implementing advanced features like image filtering and album creation options. I also worked closely with the development team and CEO to bring RCKIVE to life.

Creating a seamless and intuitive user experience was paramount for RCKIVE. Here's a glimpse into the design process I implemented:

  • Understanding the User: I began by researching current photo printing trends and user behavior. This helped me identify pain points with traditional albums and understand the needs of the "snap-happy" generation.

  • Client Collaboration: Close collaboration with the client ensured the app aligned with their vision. We discussed user personas, key features, and brand identity, translating their needs into design guidelines.

  • High-Fidelity Mockups: Using the client's feedback, I created high-fidelity mockups that visualized the final app interface. These mockups incorporated features like effortless photo selection, customizable box design, and clear order tracking.

  • Design System Development: A comprehensive design system was established to maintain consistency across all app screens. This included defining typography, color schemes, and UI elements for a cohesive and user-friendly experience.

  • Advanced Features: I designed features that enhance the user experience. This included image filtering options for photo editing, intuitive album creation tools for organizing memories, and a streamlined checkout process.

  • Collaboration is Key: Throughout the design process, I maintained open communication with the development team and CEO. This ensured the designs were technically feasible and aligned with the overall business goals.

By focusing on user needs and collaborating closely with the client and team, I crafted a design that makes RCKIVE a joy to use. 


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